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Timlynn Babitsky | | Thursday, January 24th, 2008

The Wind Power Handbook website, Wind Project Community Organizing  handbook, workshops, lectures and consulting services are designed to help community organizers and activists to develop a solid set of skills in strategic planning and tactical implementation that will achieve win-win outcomes as they influence others and move their own agendas forward.

The underlying approach builds on and extends the work of Allan Cohen and David Bradford in their management classic, Influence Without Authority (John Wiley, 1989, 2005).

Influence Without Authority (IWA) provides a powerful approach for influencing individuals to cooperate and support desired actions and outcomes within an organization.

Our Wind Project Community Organizing Service extends the powerful IWA approach with specific skills for working with diverse stakeholders who do not belong to the same organization. These expanded skills include how to:

  • Select and prioritize strategic agendas
  • Identify the full range of stakeholders who control resources, information, or support.
  • Allocate resources to extend networks of potential allies.
  • Determine the currencies of each potential ally.
  • Negotiate mutually beneficial exchanges with allies and potential allies.
  • Turn opponents into potential allies.
  • Accomplish the Win-Win Sweet Spot for success.

By paying attention to each of the seventeen steps in the process, you can learn how to influence diverse stakeholders to support your own agendas and to develop win-win exchanges that can move wind energy projects forward.

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