Towels, Sheets and Wind Power

Timlynn Babitsky | Issues: Strategies & Tactics,Stepping up,Thinking Forward | Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
Foregoing daily towel and sheet changes have given travelers a way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Offsetting the carbon footprint of your hotel stay has gotten even greener. Here’s a MD hotel example.

Maryland’s Legacy Hotel and Meeting Centre is the first hotel in Montgomery County, to be powered by 100% wind energy. Working closely with Clean Currents, LLC of Rockville, MD and the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Legacy is quickly bringing its carbon footprint to zero through a combination of Renewable Energy Credits and programs and services for going Green.

Clean Currents, LLC is helping the Legacy get on board with Green Your Stay agendas. The hotel is converting its cleaning products and detergents to more organic, biodegradable solutions and installing recycling baskets in each of the 160 plus guest rooms. That’s consistent with the Green Your Stay ideas. But wait, there’s more.

The Legacy Hotel has developed its own Turn On™ service. Through this innovative new service, at the hotel guest’s request guest room energy is turned off during the guest’s absence and turned back on thirty minutes prior to their return.

Guests can also purchase an eco-friendly t-shirt with the hotel’s environmental campaign slogan “I Got Turned On At The Legacy!” and the proceeds from sale of the t-shirt contribute to Renewable Energy Credits through Clean Currents’ REC program.

Clean Currents, LLC the Green Your Stay and wind power helper in the Legacy’s program, is a Rockville, Maryland-based clean energy broker/aggregator operating in Maryland, DC, Chicago, and Texas. They are committed to promoting solutions to global warming and air pollution. And they provide wind power advocates several routes to supporting wind power projects.

With an impressive list of businesses that have taken the Go Green challenge, their Chesapeake Green program for MD and DC residents, and a growing list of news items on their website this company is already making an impact on the Chesapeake region.

As for the Legacy Hotel’s commitment to wind power and zero environmental impact, Eric Siegel, Executive Vice President of Cohen Companies, the owner group of the Hotel states. “We are proud of our commitment to both traditional hospitality and contemporary environmental responsibility. We are introducing our 100% recycling policy and hope that our guests will join our efforts to greening their stay.”

For more on the Legacy Hotel story click here

And with thanks to the folks at Green Living Ideas, here are some ideas for you personally to help green your next stay away from home.

  • Turn off the AC, heat, lights, TV, and radio when leaving the room.
  • Use the hotel van instead of renting a car, or even better, use public transportation if you’re staying in an area that provides it.
  • Take short showers and don’t request fresh towels and sheets each day.
  • Participate in hotel recycling programs if the hotel offers one.
  • If you have the option to check out electronically through the hotel TV, take advantage of this paperless system.
  • Request that mini bottles of shampoo and soap not be replaced until they are empty. Some hotels even replace the soap every day with a new bar.
  • If the hotel provides complimentary newspapers, pass yours on to someone else when you are finished or see if it can be recycled.
  • Take advantage of hotel guest comment cards to suggest more energy efficient light bulbs, recycling programs, and an increase in energy efficient appliances such as toilets or mini bars.

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