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Timlynn Babitsky | Why here?,Wind Power Basics | Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
With the President’s State of the Union address behind us, we got to thinking – what is the State of the Wind Power Union now at the front of 2008? What’s the potential for wind energy production in the US? How much have we tapped to date? What’s the real potential for economic benefit? Can a wind energy patch really help get us off our oil addiction?

In a crisp and color-filled Power Point format, everything you wanted to know about the State of the States’ Wind Power is available here in Larry Flowers’ Wind Powering America February 2008 Update. It will knock your socks off!

Using great photos and easy-to-understand charts and graphics, the state of commercial wind technology in the US is spread out there for everyone to follow.

The WPA 2008 Udate shows:

  • The evolution of commerical wind technology in the US
  • How wind capacity in megawatts has increased while costs have decreased
  • How the US leads the world in annual wind capacity additions
  • But, lags behind other countries for wind energy production as a percentage of electricity consumption
  • How US installed wind capacity in 2007 compares to where we were in 1999

On the more nitty gritty issues, Larry answers:

  • What are the drivers for wind power?
  • What are the costs of energy production via wind, natural gas and coal?
  • How does wind energy affect economic development?
  • What are the environmental benefits of wind power?

Larry wraps it up with:

  • Case studies and local ownership models
  • Key issues for wind power

And hits home on the 20 percent wind-electricity vision including:

  • Market challenges
  • Job creation
  • Water savings
  • Carbon savings

In 2003-2004 I worked with WPA through the Montana Wind Working Group that Larry helped get started rolling. He is a passionate advocate – but with deep enough knowledge on the many issues that need to be considered.  If you are working on a wind agenda, make sure you spend a good bit of time at the Wind Powering America website. And, introduce your agenda and issues to Larry Flowers. I know he will do all he can to help you find the right information, people and equipment to make sure your project is a success.  

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